Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nature Poems

CFT Group 2 Nature Poems
Nature of Lazy Woods Road

By Nova Crowder

I live in the beautiful neighborhood of Lazy Woods Road.

There are majestic redwood trees with evergreen limbs,

Soft and tropical flowers that my neighbor grows.

The delicate doe and her foe roam at dusk and dawn,

While the feathery blue jay soars with her eyes facing the sky.

A thorny blackberry bush that lives at the end of the street,

A cute little girl named Onica, with short blonde hair and a little smile.


My Backyard

By Alyssa Roberson

I hear the great green tress with blowing leaves.

I see the violet vinca with their pretty flowers.

I hear the fluffy feathered birds with their song so sweet.

I feel the sticky, sappy rhododendron with its exotic blooms.

I hear the sounds of my friendly, forest neighborhood that I live in.


Bountiful Backyard

By Sadie Weaver

My backyard, land of…

Humongous, majestic trees with branches that wave hello to me.

Delicate, lovely flowers that lure honey bees to drink their tasty nectar.

Swift creatures that soar high, scale low or scratch the ground in search of scrumptious treats.

Sharp, lively berry bushes with plump and juicy blackberries waiting to be eaten.

Kind, hardworking people who take care of this bounteous place.

Autumn Days of Delight
By Shayla Schmida
Bees buzz, day and night, pollinating with all their might.
Autumn days of delight
Children play in the leaves, as autumn falls, within the breeze.
Autumn days of delight
Squirrels scurry, blackbirds fly, finding nuts, to bide time by.
Autumn days of delight
Shrubs are brown, crunchy leaves flying with the breeze.
Autumn days of delight
Trees dance in the wind, dancing , dancing, never end.
Autumn days of delight
People put wreaths, bows and décor, keeping the autumn glamor.
Autumn days of delight
God’s Garden
By Lucan Schwager
I run a slough trail
With plants beautiful and bright
Trees majestic and mighty
And serene flowers everywhere in sight
Animals interesting and intricate
And other humans by this special sight
But I am still amazed
By these wonderful beauties God has made

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