Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nature Poems

CFT Group 2 Nature Poems
Nature of Lazy Woods Road

By Nova Crowder

I live in the beautiful neighborhood of Lazy Woods Road.

There are majestic redwood trees with evergreen limbs,

Soft and tropical flowers that my neighbor grows.

The delicate doe and her foe roam at dusk and dawn,

While the feathery blue jay soars with her eyes facing the sky.

A thorny blackberry bush that lives at the end of the street,

A cute little girl named Onica, with short blonde hair and a little smile.


My Backyard

By Alyssa Roberson

I hear the great green tress with blowing leaves.

I see the violet vinca with their pretty flowers.

I hear the fluffy feathered birds with their song so sweet.

I feel the sticky, sappy rhododendron with its exotic blooms.

I hear the sounds of my friendly, forest neighborhood that I live in.


Bountiful Backyard

By Sadie Weaver

My backyard, land of…

Humongous, majestic trees with branches that wave hello to me.

Delicate, lovely flowers that lure honey bees to drink their tasty nectar.

Swift creatures that soar high, scale low or scratch the ground in search of scrumptious treats.

Sharp, lively berry bushes with plump and juicy blackberries waiting to be eaten.

Kind, hardworking people who take care of this bounteous place.

Autumn Days of Delight
By Shayla Schmida
Bees buzz, day and night, pollinating with all their might.
Autumn days of delight
Children play in the leaves, as autumn falls, within the breeze.
Autumn days of delight
Squirrels scurry, blackbirds fly, finding nuts, to bide time by.
Autumn days of delight
Shrubs are brown, crunchy leaves flying with the breeze.
Autumn days of delight
Trees dance in the wind, dancing , dancing, never end.
Autumn days of delight
People put wreaths, bows and d├ęcor, keeping the autumn glamor.
Autumn days of delight
God’s Garden
By Lucan Schwager
I run a slough trail
With plants beautiful and bright
Trees majestic and mighty
And serene flowers everywhere in sight
Animals interesting and intricate
And other humans by this special sight
But I am still amazed
By these wonderful beauties God has made

Friday, September 21, 2012


Here are some pictures from today's Nature Journal Class.

We had a few non-nature journaling visitors. Simeon and Jacob who had bunches of fun playing with the kids throughout the day today!

You can read more of my thoughts on Nature Journaling at Paisley and Lace.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Inspiration from Modern History

As I am preparing schedules, assignments and projects for our upcoming year, I am reminded of how many great and inspiring people we could and will study as we look at Modern World History.  I find that often this era of history is glossed over or ignored as people spend much, much more time in the Ancients or Early American history.  These are fascinating and fun periods of time, no doubt about it, and we love those cycles of study, but I also love this final year in the cycle, Modernity.

It can be easy to shy away from this time because we begin to see it as little more that wars and world conflicts, sadness and strife.  There is plenty of that, but there was plenty of that in our earlier years as well.  This cycle has the potential to broaden your students awareness of the world, help them understand more and more of current day events, and inspire them in their faith and dreams as they study many who have given greatly of their own lives.

We will study wars, and they are important-World War 1, World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War to name the biggies.  But in all of these wars we learn of dedication, sacrifice, selflessness, suffering, and more.  These are life-changing ideas!

We will also study many people-famous and not-so-famous, leaders, inventors and innovators, war heroes, missionaries, artists, adults and children who stood up for what is right, adults and children who served God even when it was harder than we can imagine.

When I first started planning this year, I was rather lost and overwhelmed by the sheer number of events that we could study, worried that all would look bleak and hopeless if we got stuck in the tough times that we know so well in Modernity.  And that is all the more reason to remember that there are many, many wonderful and hopeful things that God has done, all throughout history, from the beginning of time all the way to today.  In our study of history, we all have the opportunity as a group, from the youngest in CFT to the oldest, to be reminded together of God's great acts.

This is going to be a great year, and I am getting more and more excited as the days go by.  I encourage you to start now to talk about, read about, match movies, and listen to audios that will encourage you and your children in their faith.

I'll be posting some ideas resources beyond our booklist and course of study, and if you have ideas or resources, I encourage you to post them here!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lost Tools of Writing Books

All Group 3 students will need their own copy of a Lost Tools of Writing workbook. It is very important to have these workbooks for the first week of class!

All students in Reading Group 3A will need LTW 1

All students in Reading Group 3B will need LTW 2

If your beginning LTW student (level 1 only) needs extra reinforcement at home, you can purchase some helpful DVDs to review each lesson.  Please note that we do cover this same information in class, but if you will benefit from more reinforcement, this is a great purchase.

Latin Books

Here are links and descriptions to help you find the correct texts.  While we all love used books, please DO NOT buy older editions of the Ecce Romani books.  They are substantially different.  Older editions of Lingua Latina are just fine for our classes.

Ecce 1

Ecce Romani IA, 4th ed. paperback text only-$28.47 isbn10: 0133610926
OR purchase 1A and B combined in hardback-price: $66.47 isbn10: 0133610896

Language Activity book price: $13.97 isbn10: 0133611191

Audio CDs-optional -price: $39.47 isbn10: 0133611094
Teacher's Manual-(optional for parents) price: $55.47 isbn10: 0133610942

Ecce 2
Ecce Romani IB, 4th ed paperback text only-price: $28.47 isbn10: 0133610934
Language Activity book (this is the same text as used for Ecce 1, listed above)
The Audio CDs and Teacher's Manual also cover the two year program, Ecce 1A and 1B

Pearson School (Ecce Romani publisher), but some (the Ecce 1A and Language Activity book) be ordered from Amazon as well.

Lingua Latina
Please see the Amazon links on the blog side bar the links to the textbook, workbook, and a Latin dictionary.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Group 2 Diamante Poems

From our history studies:

Two Georges of a Different Kind
King George III
insane, ruthless
killing, destroying, ordering
monarch, fool, general, president
fighting, succeeding, failing
smart, loyal
George Washington
by Catie

George Washington
wise, brave
battling, ruling, protecting
wig, father, suit, president
caring, trusting, willing
honest, tall
Abraham Lincoln
by Kendall

Lewis and Clark
explorers, dog owners
traveling, carving, horseback riding
boats, knives, ships, sailor
sailing, navigating, thinking
smart, explorer
by Jacob

From our literature, Misty of Chincoteague

Grandpa Beebe
mellow, quiet
eating, drinking, sleeping
bed, plate, plains, meadows
running, protecting, grazing
free, wild
by David

wild, graceful
runs, gallops, jumps
pony, mare, gale, storm
blast, sail, sing
wild, stallion
Pied Piper
by Miriam

untamed, dazzling
bursting, galloping, evading
mare, horse, Assateague, stallion
leading, demanding, overtaking
protective, threatening
Pied Piper
by Colette

cute, tame
nursing, running, playing
pony, baby, mare, mother
trotting, snorting, neighing
beautiful, wild
by Shayla

happy, smart
ride, run, work
human, Tom's paint, horse, Chincoteague
run, yell, eat
wild, fast
by Jonas

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day in the Life of Early Americans

We began our day by exploring,

noticing our surroundings,

and taking notes

to inspire nature poems.

We prepared:

and ate rustic food:

We played some of the same games
the Native American children might have played:

Cliff Hodges, owner, founder and CEO of Adventure Out, was our guest:

He showed us many things the early Americans made to survive:

He told us great stories of his own adventures hunting using his hand made weapons:

He chipped obsidian to make the beginnings of an arrowhead:

A finished arrowhead takes about 20 hours to complete,
and it is only good for one shot:

He makes bows from a thick piece of special wood,
and even uses various parts of the animal to complete all his weapons,
just like people of earlier times would have done:

The younger children made their own bows and arrows, using foam sheets, sticks, and string:

They imagined early life in America:

Old and young alike had a great day that was both lively and educational!